Refurbishing a Dr. Grabow Westbrook 84L Smooth Canadian

Blog by Troy Wilburn

I got this pipe in a trade. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up it was an 84L and not a regular 84. The stampings are crisp. The rim did have some dings so I had to lightly top it and restain it. There are still some very light dings on pipe but I let them go as the factory finish and color was excellent. So I just cleaned and buffed it other than rim. The stem still has some teeth marks I could not get out fully. The old bowl cake came out easy and the shank was not that dirty and I’m glad because these Canadian shanks are a pain to clean lol. It has zero fills too, which on that much briar was a nice surprise. All and all I’m very happy with it.

Here is the pipe when it arrived.West1




West5 I took pics of it after I had finished restoring it with a couple of my favorite 45 EPs .

After: West6













7 thoughts on “Refurbishing a Dr. Grabow Westbrook 84L Smooth Canadian

  1. ReserectedPipes

    Troy, This looks like you are pulling a fast one here!! You bought the pipe new and in reverse of the normal post have shown us how you really build a pipe cake!! LOL!! You’ve really done a GREAT job on this one!! Congratulations!!

  2. Justin

    Wow! Very well done.

    I recently purchased an estate pipe in similar shape and was considering restoring it myself. As this will be my first pipe restoration, are there any resources you’d recommend I review that provide a step by step?


  3. Al

    Great work on that restoration. The quality of the grain was surprising in that pipe. Very nice looking, indeed.


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