• We are cooking up something new for those of you who want to do restorations. We are creating some special collections of pipes for restoration that we are calling the RESTORER’S SELECT. These will collections will contain 5-10 pipes individually chosen by Jeff and me. They will be of higher quality than the ones in the grab bags. They will be priced accordingly but will still be a sweet deal in comparison to what you might pay on eBay.  Keep an eye out here for details once we have put together the collections!
  • We have put together a limited number of Grab Bags. Each bag has a minimum of 15 pipes in it that come in various shapes and sizes from our restoration bins. All pipes are unrestored and will need various levels of restoration. That means that you get to restore them. They include a variety of brands and makers that are a part of the mystery. These are all final sales and all include an element of risk – you do not know what you are buying until you receive them! COST- $70USD + Postage to be paid by the buyer. If product is being shipped to locations other than the US contact me before completing the sale at slaug@uniserve.com   NEW BAGS will be ADDED SOON! KEEP CHECKING IN!   
  • Senior’s Pipe Service Set can be yours today. The set features an adjustable chamber Senior reamer, stiff bore brushes for both chamber (0.6″ diameter) and shank (0.28″ diameter), a drill bit and dottle pick for clearing blockages in the shank and draft-hole, and a knife for scraping and trimming cake, all together in one convenient case. Case measurements: Width – 10.85″/276mm , Depth – 5.0″/127mm, Height – 1.35″/34mm. COST- $85USD + Postage to be paid by the buyer. If product is being shipped to locations other than the US contact me before completing the sale at slaug@uniserve.com

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  1. Tony

    I’m interested in purchasing some old estate pipes if you’re selling any. I like to restore them for my hobby/collection. I noticed you have the grab bag deal. How do I purchase from you? Thanks.


    1. rebornpipes Post author

      Hi Tony. The grab bags are available. You can see them on the store. They are an assortment of various styles and conditions. All need restoration and all have various needs. They are as is. To purchase them send me your mailing address and we can determine postage. Once I have that payment can be made via paypal. Send me your email address.


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