In Memory of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw

Troy has written a great memorial piece on good friend, pipe mentor and stellar repairman – Ed James. I could not have said it any better. Thanks Troy.

Baccy Pipes

The recent passing of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw was some sorrowful news not only to me but all the members of the Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum where is was a long time member, moderator and mentor to many of us . He was also a member of other pipe forums around the internet.7843312_orig.jpg

Ed had the best Dr.Grabow collection in the world as far as i know , even building a Skyliner (behind him in the picture shown) with all the correct pipes. He also had a multitude of Linkman’s and other various makes and rare pipes.

Not only was he a master collector , pipe restorer, pipe and tamper maker but he was a wonderful human being as well. He always was wiling to answer questions , help solve problems and give wonderful tips to people having pipe issues or guidance in restoring a pipe.

I never did get…

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1 thought on “In Memory of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw

  1. upshallfan

    This was sad news. As a new pipe smoker/restorer, I learned to read everything written by Steve Laug and Ed James was restorer. Ed always took the time to answer my rookie questions.


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