A Stanwell of Denmark Brochure

Blog by Steve Laug

In one of the boxes that came to me from my brother was a pipe in a Stanwell box. The pipe was not a Stanwell but the box was. Inside the box was a nicely folded brochure with a variety of pipe shapes offered by the company on the inside of the brochure. On the outside was a write up in English, German and Danish about the company and how they made their pipes. There was also a short statement of the Stanwell pipe Guarantee. I was able to scan it and have posted it here for those of you who enjoy these older historical documents.


3 thoughts on “A Stanwell of Denmark Brochure

  1. Charles Lemon

    Thanks for posting, Steve. It’s a shame the company didn’t feel the need to date the brochure. A few dates here and there would make it so much easier to track changes in lineup or shape numbers through the years!

    1. Aaron

      Ditto, Charles… a few bread crumbs here and there would be greatly appreciated! Still a great document. Thanks for posting it Steve!

      1. Charles Lemon

        Yep. Alfred Dunhill got it right when he decided to date stamp every pipe. Surprised it didn’t catch on with other makers, but there it is. I’ve even seen annual pipe catalogs published without dates. Go figure that one…. 😀


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