Revival of a Globetrotter: LHS Sterncrest 14K

Blog by Dave Gossett

Dave2 A great pipe is reborn, the ad should read. This old LHS has been an extensive traveler throughout its long life. Plucked from the Mediterranean soil and carved in Brooklyn New York, traveling to the west coast, back to the east coast once more. From there it made its way to British Columbia, then again back to the east coast of America where it currently resides.

I received this pipe in an estate lot from California with the tenon and stinger broken off in the mortise. Someone had crudely tried to remove the broken tenon without success. I thought the pipe was a lost cause, but with little hope for a remedy I put out the bat signal for help. Steve Laug himself from Reborn Pipes answered the call. Off to British Columbia it went to undergo surgery from the master repairman.Dave3

Dave4 Here is the link to Steve’s great repair/rescue and stem replacement on this pipe.

Back from surgery, Steve had sent me a fully functioning usable pipe.Dave5

Dave6 I started in on the usual ream and clean. Next I lightly topped the bowl and began working out the dents and scratches.Dave7



Dave10 Once I had a smooth clean stummel, I mixed up some Fiebings and tried to match the original finish.Dave11

Dave12 Sanding with 2500 grit I lightened the stain until I was close to the shade I wanted. I used a rag dampened with alcohol around the stampings to lighten those areas and blend in with the rest of the stummel.Dave13




6 thoughts on “Revival of a Globetrotter: LHS Sterncrest 14K

  1. Charles Lemon

    All I can say is Wow! I had previously read Steve’s re-stem write-up so I knew what to expect on that end, but the stain and finish on the stummel is extraordinary, Dave. A beautiful pipe and a great tag-team effort, gents!

  2. upshallfan

    Fabulous restoration. I love your stain mixing tube, I always mix too much and end up wasting some. Can you describe what you did to the button? It looks more substantial and factory in appearance. You are the stain-match master!

  3. rebornpipes Post author

    Dave what a beauty that turned out to be. I could see some promise under the grime but that exceeds what I expected to see when I sent it back to you with the new stem.


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