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Challenge Accepted – The Frankenpipe Mark I

You rose to the challenge and nailed it to my eye. Very nicely done. I love the looks of the finished pipe. The brass dot is nice finishing touch. Well done.


A week ago, I published this post about my first “spare parts pipe” build, after which I was challenged by Steve Laug of RebornPipes to up the ante and create a pipe using three or more parts from other pipes. Not one to walk away from a thrown gauntlet, I accepted the challenge and started rummaging around in my parts boxes to see what I could find.

I ended up with a briar bowl in relatively decent shape, another bowl that was both burned out and over-reamed to the point of thinning the chamber walls, and a short taper stem that I thought might work. The bowl I would use to build the Frankenpipe Mark I was stamped “Hickok Deluxe” over “Imported Briar” on the right shank. The burnout bowl was a Barling’s Make that had been smoked right through the bottom of the bowl. Here are the parts.



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