3 thoughts on “A New Life for the second BBB a Liverpool Pipe from Bob Kerr’s Estate

  1. Joris de Sutter

    Great restauration. One very small remark on your polishing pads. The pink one is 12.000 instead of 1.200. You forgot a 0.

  2. Michael P Nilsen

    A Chestnut to chew on, as follows:

    *Second made by Comoy’s,
    Nomenclature: Gresham Giant – OVAL SHANK WITH TAPERED STEM
    Football shape STAMP or F/B for short:
    COMOY’S 309XL = 309 LIVERPOOL, str., XL
    ** XL=extraordinare shape
    “I believe this stamp was first used in the export drive in the early 1950s, and I have not seen any pre-WW II Comoy’s stamped in this way.”

    *A History Of Comoy’s and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes:
    PIPEDIA https://pipedia.org/wiki/A_History_Of_Comoy%27s_and_A_Guide_Toward_Dating_the_Pipes
    REPRINT OF This article was published in the June 2006 issue of The Pipe Collector. The official newsletter of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors (NASPC)
    ** Comoy’s Shape Number Chart


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