New Year, New Challenge! Fitting a New Army Mount Stem to a Peterson K&P Irish Made X105

Charles did a great job. His methodology on this one is textbook. Well done.

Welcome to 2019, everyone! I hope it is a peaceful and prosperous year for all.

I’ve been putting off and putting off this particular job, but finally pulled myself together and sat down to get it done! On the worktable today is a Peterson K&P Irish Made X105 Army mount Billiard. It came from a pipe friend sans stem, with the request that I see what I could do with it to make it useable again. The stummel was in quite good condition – a little lava on the rim and a bit of old tobacco and cake in the chamber, but overall, the briar was in quite good shape.

These pics show what I had to work with:


The stummel is stamped “K&P” over “Irish Made” on the left shank, and “Made in the” over “Republic” over “of Ireland” followed by the shape number, “X105” on the right shank…

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