A Bevy of Brighams IV – Repairing Heat Fissures in a 1980’s Brigham 418 Pear

Charles illustrates one method for handling fissures in the interior walls of the bowl. He does it very well.

The Brigham Shape 18 Pear is quickly becoming one of my favourites; my very first pipe purchase back in university was a 2 Dot Pear, and it’s still in my rack and regular rotation. I’ve since added a 118, the restoration of which I’ve written about here, and now this 4-Dot version.

The pipe arrived in good estate condition, like the rest of this estate lot. It showed rather well at first glance. There was a light crust of lava covering the right rear half of the smooth rim, which I hoped was not hiding any scorched briar underneath. There was a light cake in the bowl, but the stem was nearly pristine, showing only a light bit of tooth chatter. The exterior of the stummel was in great condition.


This pipe is a bit different than the other Brigham Pears I’ve worked on. Not only is it a…

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