“The fix was right in front of me” (Restomoding a Falcon)

Mike that is well done. Creative solution on the tubing. Thought I would share it with the readers of rebornpipes. Great work.



A couple months ago I bought a cheap little Falcon pipe. (For anyone who may not know what the falcon pipe is, in the 1930’s a man named Kenly Bugg invented a way to create a cooler, drier smoke using a removable bowl and aluminum.) Twelve dollars is what I pay for any pipe at this antique booth, and I’ve always wanted a falcon ever since I binge read all of RebornPipes and friends. I walked out with a smile and what I didn’t know was going to be a pain in my side.

The pipe was decent, banged up, dulled, minor filiform corrosion, and an odd smell… A smell I recognized from working in fast food, the dreaded “I’ll take one of everything herb” after soaking in alchol for a couple hours, I reamed the bowl and continued with a light topping. The internals were decent, until I snapped…

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