A Bertram Grade # 50 Cutty

Blog by Troy Wilburn

This is the other Bertam I have in my collection that I refurbished last fall. It was my first refurbish of a higher end type pipe. I figured I would show it off since I got such a nice positive response on my latest Bertram poker I posted recently. When I acquired this pipe I had been looking and wanting a nice Bertram but most out of my price range, but luckily I found this one with just enough work to get it cheaper than most. I had also wanted a Cutty shaped pipe and this one really caught my eye.

The pipe was in wonderful shape and didn’t need much work. By the scorching on rim you think it would have been smoked more but wasn’t. There was barely any cake built up at all under inspection. I didn’t even have to clean out shank and stem but did so very lightly with 91% alcohol and a couple of pipe cleaners.

Pipe as it arrived from Ebay seller.Bertram1



Bertram4 There were some scratches in bowl.Bertram5 I sanded out scratches with nothing more than 2500 grit paper and mineral oil.Bertram6 The drilling was perfect.Bertram7 After soaking the stem in Oxy Clean I gave it a very light wet sanding with 800 grit sandpaper and then worked my way up to 2500 grit.

Stem and bowl back together for some time on the buffer.Bertram8 After buffing and waxing I took the pipe outside for some pics to really show off the grain and color.Bertram9








Bertram17 It’s an excellent smoker and really shines with VA/Per blends. I don’t smoke it often but when I do it brings great pleasure.Bertram18

6 thoughts on “A Bertram Grade # 50 Cutty

    1. Troy

      I usually use a Scotch Brite pad dipped in Oxy Clean and warm water . I lay the wet Scotch Brite pad flat and gently rub the rim over it , like im topping a pipe with sandpaper .


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