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Yellow Acrylic Stem Patch – Part 2 – Joyal Taylor (aka holymolar)

Blog by Joyal Taylor

Earlier I posted a You Tube video that Joyal posted about patching this yellow acrylic stem https://rebornpipes.com/2014/07/08/stem-patch-using-amber-super-glue-joyal-taylor-aka-holymolar/ It is part of an ongoing work in progress where Joyal is experimenting with different mixture to patch a bite through in an acrylic yellow stem. This is Part 2 of the ongoing experiment. Thanks Joyal for taking us with you in this experiment.

Since the amber superglue didn’t work well on this stem, I’m trying other things.

I tried mixing yellow and orange Fiebing’s Leather Dye with clear superglue, but the dye caused the glue to set instantly, even before I could mix it.

Next, I tried StewMac 2 part clear epoxy with Fiebing’s yellow and orange dyes, which mixed well.

Before photo of only one side of the stem, but I worked on both sides:
Photo #1
I used a round bit in my dremel to remove the previous amber superglue patch and discoloration. Also, I roughen-up the area in front of the bit to try to re-color that area.
Photo #2
I tried several combinations of yellow and orange dye until I got close to the color of the stem
Photo #3
Close up photo looks like it may work
Photo #4
After shaping the bit with needle files and sanding/micromesh the epoxy.
Photo #5
This didn’t work out so well, either. Not only the color isn’t good but, also, the epoxy feels soft and rough to my teeth and lips.

We learn from our mistakes, so I’m going to continue experimenting with this.

Next, I’m going to remove the epoxy and try patching a third time by mixing dye powders with clear superglue.

I would appreciate it if anyone has other ideas to try for this stem repair.

Stem Patch Using Amber Super Glue, Part 1 – Joyal Taylor (aka holymolar)

In a conversation with Joyal about patching a stem that had a yellow/orange tint I suggested that he try the amber super glue from Stew Mac. He replied that he had tried it and done a video on it on You Tube. He said it was too clear and not opaque enough for a good match. He sent me the link to his You Tube video on using the Stewart MacDonald Amber coloured super glue.

Since You Tube is not something I have ever done, I was intrigued with it. I thought it would be great to post the link here for you to have a look at.

The amber super glue Joyal is using is available online at:

Part 2 is a continuation of this work and is found under the title “Yellow Acrylic Stem Patch – Part 2 – Joyal Taylor (aka holymolar)” can be read at this link https://rebornpipes.com/2014/07/08/yellow-acrylic-stem-patch-part-2-joyal-taylor-aka-holymolar/