1969 Dunhill CK Shape Mystery/Addition

By Al Jones

The Dunhill CK “author” shape is one of my favorites from the classic British makers, which includes the Sasieni Ashford, Comoys 256, etc. I found this one at the EstatePipeShop.uk. Dean does great work, so this one didn’t really need anything. This is my second CK, a 1969 Bruyere. I had a 1971 Shell in my collection.

I tried to learn more about the CK shape, but I didn’t really learn much about the shape. I was unable to determine when this shape number entered the Dunhill catalog and even checked with Dunhill collector, Rich Esserman. David Fields at RD Fields also answered my email inquiry, but had no historical knowledge of this shape. I know at some point that the CK shape became the Shape 29, which is currently available. When was this shape introduced? Why was it named the CK? Given that the Dunhill brand is most assuredly the most documented pipe brand, I was surprised that the history of this popular shape isn’t covered somewhere on the various Dunhill pipe pages.

Below is the pipe. As I mentioned, it didn’t need much,but I can’t resist putting my own touch to any pipe. I always polish my stems with micromesh up to the 12,000 grade and buff with Megiuars Plastic Polish. The bowl had a few handling dings and I was able to remove several using an iron set on “high” and a wet cloth. The bowl was then buffed with White Diamond and several coats of Carnuba wax.









It’s interesting to see the difference between my two CK shapes.  The 1971 shell is smaller and less chunky.   The 1969 shape to my eye, is less Author and more Rhodesian.




2 thoughts on “1969 Dunhill CK Shape Mystery/Addition

  1. Dave Cooley

    Al, I can shed no light on the questions about your Dunhill CK. The 1969 looks very close to two of my favorite pipes…GBD 9438, and Peterson 999. I would love to find one to add to my rotation. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

  2. Charles Lemon

    Yet another great looking pipe, Al. And I agree with your assessment of the shape – the 1969 more closely resembles a Peterson 999 Rhodesian, while I’d say the 1971 is more of a “chubby Author”. Beautiful pipes both!


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