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Jacek A. Rochacki, who has written several helpful pieces for the blog, emailed me with the attached photos of two older leaflets from the House of Bewlay. The first one presents their pipes and the second one their tobaccos. I am including the information here that Jacek sent in his email.

Let me turn our attention to the House of Bewlay.

Pipedia does not say much
“Bewlay House was a chain of English pipe stores whose pipes were made by Barling, Charatan, and Loewe, so the English considered the Bewlay pipes a quality pipe in its own right. The English brand of Bewlay & Co. Ltd. (formerly Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd.), was in business from the early 20th century until the 1950’s. The brand ended up being sold and taken over by Imperial Tobacco Co. The shop chain closed in the 1980’s but there seems to be one shop still in business on Carr Lane in the city of Hull.”

In 1969 I acquired in Copenhagen two Bewlay leaflets. The one on the Bewlay pipes dates establishing of the House of Bewlay in London to the year 1780. The other leaflet, also bearing date of establishing – 1780 – presents Bewlay’s offer of pipe tobaccos, and short history of the House of Bewlay.
There is not much on Bewlay in famous pipe markings repository “pipephil”

And I cannot find any information in Pipepages. In December 2011 I contacted Chris Keene, and he answered me as follows:
“…Unfortunately, I am not currently adding any new images. It’s been almost a year since I’ve added anything as my last computer crashed, along with my web-building software. Between the necessity to acquire new software and new demands in my work, I find that I need to let the site sit “as is” for the indefinite future…”

Considering above I taken the liberty of attach pictures/photos of these two Bewlay leaflets and emailing them to you. As they are “heavy”, I attach the pictures of leaflet with pipes here, the tobacco leaflet I’ll send by next email. I do this under inspiration by what you have done already publishing unknown materials, completing in a way the Chris Keene’s pages.

Thank you Jacek for sending this information to me. I am always on the hunt for pipe and tobacco leaflets, brochures and books that help give historical data to a hobby that I have come to love. Whenever I find them I photograph them and post them here on rebornpipes. Your contribution will join the others here on the blog. The first leaflet is below – Bewlay’s Pipe Chart.

Bewlay Pipe Chart 1

Bewlay Pipe Chart 2

Bewlay Pipe Chart 3

Bewlay Pipe Chart 4

Bewlay Pipe Chart 5

Bewlay Pipe Chart 6

The leaflet below entitled Bewlay Pipe Tobaccos gives a list of the locations of the shops and also includes a brief history of the House of Bewlay.

Tobaccos Bewlay 1

Tobaccos Bewlay 2

Tobaccos Bewlay 3

Tobaccos Bewlay 4

Tobaccos Bewlay 5

Tobaccos Bewlay 6

21 thoughts on “House of Bewlay Pipes & Tobacco Leaflets

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  4. Ben Rapaport

    For those Bewlay fans, did you know that the company also published a diminutive hard cover book (two editions that I am aware of) in the early 1900s titled Tobacco Leaves? Contact me if you want additional details.

      1. Ben Rapaport

        No! That book is Tobacco Leaves. Being A Book of Facts for Smokers (1915). It’s an American publication. I stated a British publication (c. 1900) published by Bewlay!

        1. Ben Rapaport

          I hope that you understood what I wrote. The Bewlay book I refer to is an early 1900s publication by the company, a rarity in company histories. And it discusses products available at that time.

            1. ben rapaport

              Besides writing about the history of tobacco pipes, I am also a bookseller, specializing in books new and old about pipes and tobacco. This small book bound with a leatherette cover is a second edition, believed to have been published in 1901, It is a company history of sorts. Please
              contact me at to discuss the price, if interested in purchasing it. It is a rare item.

              Ben Rapaport

  5. upshallfan

    Fantastic information about a little known brand. It’s too bad Chris isn’t updated his website.

  6. Dave

    Thank you so much Jacek, and Steve for bringing us this enjoyable, informative material. I look forward to future post from you. Thanks again.

  7. David Goodwin


    I neither have many, nor know much about pipes but I do have 2 Bewlays. The first purchased early in the 1970’s, with the following:
    London England

    The second purchased on e-bay last year:
    London Made

    Both are very easy to smoke, very comfortable pipes.

    Your input, comments etc., appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Jacek A. Rochacki

      According to text in Pipedia (and in many other places), makers of Bewlay’s were: Barling, Charatan and Loewe. So perhaps investigation of shapes presented in their catalogs printed/edited at time when you have bought your Bewlays would narrow the field for further research ?

      Some conversations on Bewlay:

      and, perhaps, publication “The House of Bewlay Pipes” would be of help

      And this information may be also a path to follow:
      Northern England Tobacco Retailers
      Hull, N Humberside 
Bewlay’s Pipe Pub, 52 Carr Lane HU1 3RF
Tel/Fax 01482 328338

            1. Jacek A. Rochacki

              Happy hunting, Steve ! I am sure that we are experienced hunters; beside eBay I had some good experiences in finding objects of my interest in Craigslists in USA and similar to Craigslist places.
              Here we have link to Vancouver Craigslist
              and I can not exclude that local communities may have similar “places” in internet.
              And maybe would not be a miss to spread a word in some pipe clubs, discussion forums, etc. ?

      1. David Goodwin

        Thanks for your helpful comment, and as I’ve said, both are very comfortable pipes to smoke! 🙂

        1. Jacek A. Rochacki

          Glad to be of help 🙂 it is not a surprise that your pipes are good smokers, There is fair chance that they are Barling’s made, hopefully from Transition time (it happens that bowls were turned, cured and… put on the shelves awaiting “a go” from marketing department. Then, years later, they were fitted with stems and stamped, thus simple dating after marking or time when we bought certain pipe sometime fails.

  8. Mark Domingues

    Thanks for posting this! I love reading old tobacco related articles. I enjoyed seeing the shapes and the descriptions of the tobaccos.from days gone by.


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