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An Old Kaufman Brothers & Bondy CPF Catalogue

I am not sure where I came across this old Kaufmann-CPF (Colossus Pipe Factory) Catalogue but it is a great old piece of pipe history. It links the CPF brand to Kaufmann Brothers and Bondy, perhaps better recognized by the stamping on their pipes: KB&B. In an earlier piece on the blog I wrote that I had learned through my online research that by the mid 1890’s CPF was owned by Kaufman Brother & Bondy (KB&B). This catalogue further confirms the connection and adds information to the history and background of one of my favourite old brands. I love the old photos of the CPF pipes as many of them reflect shapes of some of the pipes in my own collection. The ornate bling that is added to the pipes not only dates them to an era that is far more refined than our own in many ways but also gives the CPF pipes a distinctive and recognizable look. The photos also provide a great hunt list for me as I am on the lookout for various CPF pipes.
Kaufmann CPF Catalogue

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue2

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue3

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue4

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue5

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue6