An Old Kaufman Brothers & Bondy CPF Catalogue

I am not sure where I came across this old Kaufmann-CPF (Colossus Pipe Factory) Catalogue but it is a great old piece of pipe history. It links the CPF brand to Kaufmann Brothers and Bondy, perhaps better recognized by the stamping on their pipes: KB&B. In an earlier piece on the blog I wrote that I had learned through my online research that by the mid 1890’s CPF was owned by Kaufman Brother & Bondy (KB&B). This catalogue further confirms the connection and adds information to the history and background of one of my favourite old brands. I love the old photos of the CPF pipes as many of them reflect shapes of some of the pipes in my own collection. The ornate bling that is added to the pipes not only dates them to an era that is far more refined than our own in many ways but also gives the CPF pipes a distinctive and recognizable look. The photos also provide a great hunt list for me as I am on the lookout for various CPF pipes.
Kaufmann CPF Catalogue

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue2

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue3

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue4

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue5

Kaufmann CPF Catalogue6

14 thoughts on “An Old Kaufman Brothers & Bondy CPF Catalogue

    1. Gustavo Chiaramonte

      ok, I’ll see if I can decipher the three letters stamped on each of the silver rings, and if that gets me anywhere.
      If you are interested, I can send you a photograph with the 10 bowls, to which I will have to make their respective mouthpieces. There is one of them that says Corona, and I found a photo of CPF Corona that I will take as a guide to replicate the mouthpiece. Thanks and regards

  1. Gustavo Chiaramonte


    Recently, I bought a batch of pipes without a mouthpiece, and they are unused. From what I have discovered, several have the anchor, the star and the eagle that would correspond to CFP. Others have an EP stamp encased in a lying diamond.
    I would be grateful if you could guide me to know what brand is EP. A couple have something like RADICA written in the heather.
    Thank you very much

    1. rebornpipes Post author

      Hi Gustavo on the EP in the lying Diamond is it on the silver band or on the pipe itself. If on the band it stands for Electro Plated.
      As for the Radica I am not familiar with that

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  3. upshallfan

    I was at the NYC show yesterday, Mel Feldman had this catalog on his huge table of tobbaciana, your copy is in better shape!

      1. upshallfan

        No, Mel was asking a lot for his items. I just bought a Rad Davis Author on Thursday PM, blowing all of my show money and then some! Mel did have the out-of-print GBD book – but he had just sold it when I was looking at his items. I didn’t ask the price…

  4. Bill

    Steve, great old catalog. I agree this should be on Chris Keene’s Pipe Pages which is the central source for old catalogs and particularly old KBB/Kaywoodie/S.M. Frank catalogs. I’m glad to see you identify CPF as Colossus Pipe Factory and not Consolidated. The only thing I’ve seen in print, which, I have a copy of courtesy of Gary Schier, is a page from an 1898 Jewelry magazine that identifies the mark CPF on a pipe as one being from Colossus Pipe Factory owned by KB&B. I also have a original KB&B invoice from the late 1890’s that shows the CPF trademark logo in the upper left corner, so that Is another document linking the two brands/companies.

    Andy, thanks for sending me the link.


    1. rebornpipes Post author

      Thanks Bill I have referenced those other documents that you mention in a post I did earlier on the blog on a brief history of CPF. They were very helpful in taking me in this direction.

  5. Andy

    That’s fabulous Steve. Thanks for sharing. Only if the name Colossus Pipe Factory was imprinted on the catalog along with KB&B it would be the ultimate treasure.

  6. Jacek A. Rochacki

    Thank you so much, Steve, for publishing this catalog. It is a source of great value. It should be published in Chris Keene Pipepages repository, that serve as one of most important sources in our searches.
    In some places of the world American estate pipes are often undervalued, although there are present at many local internet auctions or at fly markets. What we in the Old Continent miss are more precise informations/data, and your catalog is so important contribution to recognizing American pipes.

    Many details are so important. Some metal mounts show inspiration by/use of much older ornaments in 1908. These of such pipes that went through my hands were often a surprise: metal mounts in cheaper editions were not of silver but of silver or gold-plated other then silver metal. These mountings were astonishingly thin – thickness of ca 0.2 mm ! Ornamental relief was stamped/pressed or whole mounting was turned and then ornament was pressed/stamped by machines – not chased by typical for handicraft repousse hand technique. Fairly wide offer of meerschaum pipes shows that this material was still in favor, and it is not surprise that pipes presented are always offered in solid cases.


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