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A Collection of Brigham Documents

Blog by Bill Tonge & Steve Laug

Bill Tonge, who has written several blogs for rebornpipes has become a big collector and fan of Brigham pipes. He refurbishes them and enjoys their workmanship. Several months ago he talked with Brian Levine, the US Brigham representative and received these brochures and sales flyers for Brigham pipes. When he told me about the collection I asked him to photograph them for me so that I could post them on the blog. What follows is that collection. The text is hard to read in some of the brochures but the photos of the shapes and designs are amazing. There are shapes in there that I have never seen and I have had a lot of Brigham pipes over the years. Enjoy the photos. Thanks Bill for photographing these for us to read. Much appreciated.Brigham 1

Brigham 3

Brigham 2

Brigham 5

Brigham 4

Brigham 6

Brigham 7

Brigham 9

Brigham 8

Brigham 10

Brigham 12

Brigham 13

Brigham 14

Brigham 19

Brigham 15

Brigham 16

Brigham 17

Brigham 18

Brigham 21

Brigham 20

House of Bewlay Pipes & Tobacco Leaflets

Blog by Jacek A. Rochacki

Jacek A. Rochacki, who has written several helpful pieces for the blog, emailed me with the attached photos of two older leaflets from the House of Bewlay. The first one presents their pipes and the second one their tobaccos. I am including the information here that Jacek sent in his email.

Let me turn our attention to the House of Bewlay.

Pipedia does not say much http://www.pipedia.org/wiki/Bewlay
“Bewlay House was a chain of English pipe stores whose pipes were made by Barling, Charatan, and Loewe, so the English considered the Bewlay pipes a quality pipe in its own right. The English brand of Bewlay & Co. Ltd. (formerly Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd.), was in business from the early 20th century until the 1950’s. The brand ended up being sold and taken over by Imperial Tobacco Co. The shop chain closed in the 1980’s but there seems to be one shop still in business on Carr Lane in the city of Hull.”

In 1969 I acquired in Copenhagen two Bewlay leaflets. The one on the Bewlay pipes dates establishing of the House of Bewlay in London to the year 1780. The other leaflet, also bearing date of establishing – 1780 – presents Bewlay’s offer of pipe tobaccos, and short history of the House of Bewlay.
There is not much on Bewlay in famous pipe markings repository “pipephil” http://www.pipephil.eu/logos/en/logo-b4.html#bewlay

And I cannot find any information in Pipepages. In December 2011 I contacted Chris Keene, and he answered me as follows:
“…Unfortunately, I am not currently adding any new images. It’s been almost a year since I’ve added anything as my last computer crashed, along with my web-building software. Between the necessity to acquire new software and new demands in my work, I find that I need to let the site sit “as is” for the indefinite future…”

Considering above I taken the liberty of attach pictures/photos of these two Bewlay leaflets and emailing them to you. As they are “heavy”, I attach the pictures of leaflet with pipes here, the tobacco leaflet I’ll send by next email. I do this under inspiration by what you have done already publishing unknown materials, completing in a way the Chris Keene’s pages.

Thank you Jacek for sending this information to me. I am always on the hunt for pipe and tobacco leaflets, brochures and books that help give historical data to a hobby that I have come to love. Whenever I find them I photograph them and post them here on rebornpipes. Your contribution will join the others here on the blog. The first leaflet is below – Bewlay’s Pipe Chart.

Bewlay Pipe Chart 1

Bewlay Pipe Chart 2

Bewlay Pipe Chart 3

Bewlay Pipe Chart 4

Bewlay Pipe Chart 5

Bewlay Pipe Chart 6

The leaflet below entitled Bewlay Pipe Tobaccos gives a list of the locations of the shops and also includes a brief history of the House of Bewlay.

Tobaccos Bewlay 1

Tobaccos Bewlay 2

Tobaccos Bewlay 3

Tobaccos Bewlay 4

Tobaccos Bewlay 5

Tobaccos Bewlay 6