Atwood 331C Restoration – Made by Comoy’s

By Al Jones

This pipe was sent to me for clean up by a recent convert to the joys of Comoy’s brand pipes. I had not heard of this maker before, and the owner shared some information about Atwood pipes, gleaned from

The Atwood pipes were equipped with a permanent aluminum cup at the base of the chamber, with a bore hole. Atwood M. Tempe (Los Angeles) invented the system about 1950. The patent (U.S. PAT. 2652062) was granted in 1953 and the author partnered with Comoy’s to produce the pipes. See drawings and description in document.

While researching this brand, I found that forum contributor, Robert M. Boughton, had restored an Atwood “Hall of Fame” pipe earlier this year. The pipe had a different Country of Manufacture mark, which is interesting (circle). This COM is a in a block format. The briar on tis piece also appears to be of a higher quality. I did not find any other refernces to Atwood pipes.

Below is a picture included with Atwood Timpe’ Patent which shows the design of the metal bowl cup. The nomenclature was a bit faded, but it appears to be a shape 331C, which is indeed a Comoy’s squat, quarter-bent bulldog.


The pipe had some build-up on the bowl top and the stem was heavily oxidized.





I used a cloth with some Oxy-Clean solution to remove most of the heavy buildup on the bowl top. Then, 2000 grit wet paper removed the remainder of the build-up and some mild scorching. I reamed the interior of the bowl down to the metal cup. The bowl was quite solid, as was the cup feature. I have no idea what the cup does for the smoking experience, but it is in there for good. I filled the bowl with Sea salt, put a cork stopper in the shank and filled it to the brim with 91% alcohol. While the bowl was soaking, the stem was soaked in a mildy Oxy-Clean solution.

Following the soak, I cleaned the stem shank with some wire brushes and fresh alcohol. I screwed a paper towel soaked in alcohol into the bowl, which did a nice job cleaning the metal cup.

I mounted stem on the bowl to clean the briar. It had a few minor dents, which I was able to lift with a flame from a lighter. The heavy oxidation was removed with 800 grit wet paper, than working my way through 1000 and 2000 grades. Finally, 8000 grade micromesh was used. The stem was the buffed with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic Polish.

The bowl was somewhat grimy and I used a mild soap solution to clean it. The bowl was then buffed with White Diamond and then several coasts of Carnuba wax.

Below is the finished pipe. The light stain is quite handsome. Typically, I’m not a big fan of Comoy’s 2nd’s lines, as I find the pre-molded stems lacking. However this stem has a better feel to it compared to an Everyman, The Guidall, etc. I’m curious as to how the owner finds it smokes compared to his Comoy’s of a similar era.















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