Another EA Carey Catalogue – Spring 1978

Blog by Steve Laug

This is the second EA Carey Catalogue that I am posting from the lot I was given a while ago. This one is from Spring 1978. I always enjoy looking over the offerings and prices from days past. Have a look at the wide range of shapes.1090_001 1090_002 1090_003 1090_004 1090_005 1090_006 1090_007 1090_008 1090_009 1090_0101090_011 1090_012

4 thoughts on “Another EA Carey Catalogue – Spring 1978

  1. Old Cuss

    Recall these Carey pipes from LONG ago. Did the so called ‘ Magic Inch ‘ deal Really Work ? Always thought it was just another Grabow/Medico filter Gizmo Wondered about the ” Kirsten ” stuff also !! !!

  2. upshallfan

    I love these blasts from the past. In ’78, I was a Junior in High School and I don’t think that I ever met a pipe smoker to that point. (a year later, I’d meet my now wife’s grandfather).

  3. Troy W

    I like that sunburst rustication, i would like to find one of those pokers. Never cared for their stems though. The briar is excellent but the stem reminds me of someone putting a 50 dollar saddle on a 10000 dollar horse.


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