Custombilt Bent Billiard (rich era)

This by far is one of my favourites that you have done. Very good work. Thought I would share this on rebornpipes.


The scoundrel Pipes

The pipes I received from fellow blogger Clint of Pipe Scoundrel are complete. They have a new home and are ready to be enjoyed once again. This trio of Bilts has been an eye opener, I believe there will be many more Rich era Custombilts in my future.

The last pipe as received


The nomenclature was stamped unevenly but I could still make out the tell tail (S) of Eugene Rich era Bilts.


The last of the trio a large bent billiard. Much like the last shes in pretty descent shape. The cake is a little thicker, the tennon would need tightening, rim tar&char, there is a little filler present and light chatter.


I started off with the smallest attachment of my Castleford reamer and moving on to the largest that the chamber would except in this case it was one up from the first. I finished…

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