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The Burn Unit – Reclaiming a Scavenged Danish Sovereign Rhodesian

Charles’ handling of the burn mark on this Rhodesian is worth the read. His work to keep things even and flowing on the cap of the bowl is worth reading and noting.

Hunting for estate pipes to refurbish has its ups and downs. Back in the heyday 1950s and 60s, almost every man had a pipe somewhere, which created a steady supply of pipes needing repair. Nowadays we refurbishers must be more adventurous, wading through the flotsam and jetsam of antique shops, second-hand stores and estate sales to find our quarry.

I find antiques & collectibles sales a bit of a hit and miss experience. Sometimes there isn’t a single pipe in the entire place, and sometimes only a few grossly overpriced specimens displayed in glass cases. I go home empty-handed on those occasions. Yet there are those times, like this particular show, when everything comes together in my favour. A seller I had purchased from in the past hadn’t brought any pipes to the show, but my daughter’s eagles eyes spotted a shoebox full of briar at another table, and the game was afoot!…

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