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Custombilt Clean up (Rich era)

Great job again. got to love those old CB pipes. They are great smoking machines. Well done


The scoundrel Pipes

Two down one to go it seems fitting to keep plugging away at the pipes I received from fellow blogger Pipe Scoundrel.


Custombilt Eugene Rich Years.


My original impressions of Custombilt pipes was anything post Mincer was not worth my time or efforts but I’ve been wrong before. The change of hands did not necessarily mean a change in quality, yes the dash was eliminated and the rustication was not quiet as deep but big , thick and chunky they still are. I now have four in my ever-growing collection drilled perfect and not one ounce filler to be found. Eugene J Rich INC definitely did the Custombilt name justice.

Pipe As Received


The next was in beautiful used condition and unlike the first was lacking any paint which would make for an easier start. A Little rim tar&char , thin cake and light stem…

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Happy New Year and Happy New Life for a Brigham 613

This is an educational one for me – never tried re-pegging a Brigham. Charles does a great job and shows how it is done. Thanks Charles

It’s 2016! May it be a great year for all of you and yours. I thought I’d start the year off right with a restoration that gives many new years to a classic Canadian-made pipe.

This restoration was easily one of the most ambitious and challenging pipe refurbishments I have undertaken to date. A fellow member of the Brothers of Briar pipe forum contacted me before the Holidays asking for help with a Brigham pipe bowl he had found in a local antique shop. He had just the stummel, no stem, but the bowl was stamped “Brigham” over “Made in Canada” on the left shank and “613” on the bottom shank. He had stumbled across a rather rare find – a 6-Dot Brigham Straight Grain carved in Toronto before Brigham moved production to Italy. The “Made in Canada” stamp places the pipe somewhere in the earlier post-Patent Era (from 1955…

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Sweet Petes: A 2015 Gallery

peterson pipe notes

01 FE

As the new year begins, I thought I’d offer a glance back at 2015’s “Sweet Petes” – pipes that have struck a chord with me for one reason or another, or say something special about Peterson pipes, both past and present.

It seems the more I study Peterson pipes, the less interesting I find other design aesthetics. Everyone pipeman has a different sensibility, of course, but mine seems to have something to do with what I’ll call design ipseity, by which I mean the essential element the pipe-maker (whether an individual or a workshop) expresses in his or her pipes as a mark of identification. This is more than a logo, a stamp, a particular finish or a shape. It has to do with an entire design language— shapes, stains, materials, design templates, whatever you want to call it—that readily identify the maker in an aesthetically pleasing way.


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