A New Milestone – rebornpipes has passed a half a million views

Avatar2 On 07/08/2015 at 11 o’clock am Pacific Time the number of views of the rebornpipes blog site reached 500,000. Three years ago in May of 2012, when I started this blog I had dreams of where it would go but I did not have a clue how it would develop. I had no idea of the reach it would have across the globe and the number of people who would read it and come to contribute to it. Over the past three years many faithful readers have chosen and continued to follow the blog via email and twitter and now Facebook.

Many of the readers and followers of the blog have gone on to become significant contributors to the blog with consistent write ups on their restoration and refurbishing work. Thank you for helping make rebornpipes what it is today. Without your contributions it would be less valuable than it is. I appreciate and learn from each of you as I read and interact with their work on the pages and photos of their explanations. I also learn from you readers who take time to comment on each post and ask both questions and share information and suggestions. Thank you all.

For me one of the personal benefits of the blog, that I never expected or could have predicted, is the gathering of historic information – brochures, catalogues and leaflets that have been added as resources for the community. I continue to learn a lot about the history and marks of various brands that each of you restore and refurbish. That unpredicted benefit has given me much to read.

These milestones always provide a pause for me to reflect as I have done above, on where we have gone through the years. But they also provide an opportunity for me to look ahead and speculate on where the future may take us. I look forward to:

…learning more tools, techniques and tricks from each of you in the years ahead.
…many of you who are currently reading and practicing what you are learning to become contributors to the blog with your writing and your photos of the pipes you are restoring. There is always room for more of you to add your work to the blog.
…the addition of more historical documents, background information, catalogues, brochures, book reviews and pipe reviews to the blog. The addition of these pieces of information can never be to frequent to liking.
…learning more about pipe brands, makers, manufacturers that are currently unknown to me.
…fine tuning refurbishing skills through our interaction and refining the processes of refurbishing.
…improving photography skills to better document my own work.

What are you looking forward to seeing and learning? Add your comments below.

14 thoughts on “A New Milestone – rebornpipes has passed a half a million views

  1. John

    Wow! Congrats on the milestone. The next half million will come more quickly. It’s fun to see these pipes reborn and to see the fun you have in seeing them come to life. Keep up the great work!

  2. Don Smith

    Please allow me to add my congratualtions and thanks for this great educational tool.
    Yes, I know that i can go into the archives when I need to review something that I have read here but, I also cheat and have created my own ReBorn Pipes file and have a folder in my documents with over 2600 pages for a faster reference–that sucker takes forever to open so I am thinking about breaking it up into separate files by topic.
    Any way, thanks again and onward to the million views. I’ll do my part by viewing at every opportunity

  3. Anthony

    Congratulations, Steve! I can’t say that I’m surprised though. What will surprise me is if it takes another three years to reach a million.

    This blog isn’t just the best in its class; it created the class. The breadth and depth of the information here is amazing. I learn something new from each and every post. I also think it’s fun to see that each contributor has their own “style” of restoration. I look forward to learning much more from yourself and the other contributors as the blog marches on toward that one million views mark.

  4. Al

    Congrats, Steve! You’ve created one of the more important and informative blogs in all of pipedom. Won’t be long till the one million mark is reached.

  5. Terry D.Swope

    Dear Steve,The Pipe Community,Would Not Be Such,Without People Like You And The Many Contributors,That You Have Brought Together Through This Outstanding Blog,Cudo’s On A Well Deserved Milestone,And Looking Forward To Many More To Come. Thank You. Terry.

  6. Troy

    Congratulations, Steve
    I couldnt imagine the pipe community without this blog now , as it has become such a staple to it .

  7. Lone Star Briar Works

    Congratulations Steve! Well deserved, I bet it won’t take 3 years to reach a million! I’m on many FB pipe groups and everyone knows of your blog. I for one spread the word every chance I get. My next bowl will be in your honor, Obi-Wan of pipe restoration!

  8. Dave

    Heart felt thanks, Steve, for making this blog possible. Anyone that loves old pipes has gained much from the information shared here. The techniques, and history found here is invaluable. Thank you, and everyone that has contributed to this blog.

  9. Aaron

    Congrats! Thank you Steve for having a vision and for keeping it going! This world you have created has been a fantastic resource for information and learning.

  10. upshallfan

    That is a milestone and cause for celebration. I’ve learned so much in the past three years and the learning continues. Thanks for making all this happen. I’m proud to share this association.


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