Refurb LHS SEC system pipe – strange one

Blog by Steve Laug

In my ongoing quest to collect pipes that are unique and give a picture of the history of interesting inventions and modifications to the simple smoking pipe I wanted to post this refurb that I finished. It is a LH Stern (LHS) SEC pipe. It is a system pipe as can be seen from the blown out pictures and the diagrams from the patent office. It is an interesting piece of history. The apparatus inside is quite elaborate. The stem is green perspex that serves as a collection chamber for sediments before the smoke goes to your mouth. I cleaned and reamed the bowl and polished it with carnauba wax. The stem had some tooth marks and cuts. I lifted the majority of them with my heat gun and finished by sanding them  and buffing them smooth.

Here are pictures of the pipe when it arrived:


Here are pictures of the pipe after I cleaned it and polished it:


Here is the pipe taken apart – it has an amazing assortment of parts. I have also included a copy of the patent information for those interested in the background of this pipe.


6 thoughts on “Refurb LHS SEC system pipe – strange one

  1. Tommy G

    I recently won one off eBay that came in a lot of three pipes, I was first surprised by the LHS SEC system in regards to the metal parts and how they all went together. I was then very pleasantly surprised later when I smoked it as it was a very good smoker indeed and as a matter of fact I’m smoking it right now and really enjoying it.

    1. rebornpipes Post author

      They do smoke very well Tommy. I would love to see a picture of the one you picked up. The patent info on that particular system pipe is really cool to read over!


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