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Cleaning up an Artisan Made Stogie Holder

Blog by Steve Laug

This restoration is a departure from my regular work on pipes. It really is a change of pace for me. Normally I am not a big cigar fan though I have an occasional one. When Jeff sent me this cigar holder I sat and looked at it for quite a while. It is a beautiful handmade Stogie Holder that truly is quite stunning. It has a briar holder and a band of exotic wood attached to the comfortable vulcanite mouthpiece. When Jeff and I received the vulcanite had tooth marks and chatter on both sides near the button and it was dirty in the airway. It was lightly oxidized around the button area on both sides. The briar was in good condition and the overall look of the piece was very nice. The dimensions on the holder are Length: 3 ½ inches, Width: 1 ½ inches, Holder Diameter:  ¾ of an inch, Holder Depth: 1 inch, Vulcanite portion length: 2 inches. I cleaned out the bowl of the holder and the airway from the bowl to the end of the button with alcohol and pipe cleaners and surprisingly it was quite clean. I wiped out the bowl with a folded pipe cleaner and alcohol as well. The holder smells fresh.I polished out the tooth marks, chatter and oxidation on the vulcanite stem and the briar and exotic wood at the same time with micromesh sanding pads. I sanded the holder with 1500-12000 grit pads and wiped it down with a damp cloth after each pad to remove the debris. The photos show the developing shine. I worked some Before & After Restoration Balm into the surface of the briar and the stem with my fingertips. The product works to clean, enliven and protect the briar and I thought I would try it on the vulcanite of the holder. I let the balm sit for about ten minutes and then buffed with a cotton cloth to raise the shine. The photos show the cigar holder at this point in the restoration process. I buffed the cigar holder on the buffer using Blue Diamond on the buffing pad to remove all the scratches in the briar and vulcanite. It works very well. I gave it several coats of carnauba wax and buffed it with a clean buffing pad. I hand buffed it with a microfiber cloth to deepen the shine. The finished holder is shown in the photos below. I will be putting it on the rebornpipes store shortly if you are interested in adding it to your collection. This was interesting to work on. Thanks for taking time to read this.