A New System Stem for a Patent Era Brigham 229 Author

I love these restems of Brigham pipes. Charles you have this down to an art! Well don on that old warrior.

The Brigham System has been on the market since 1938 when it was patented by Roy Brigham in Toronto, Canada. The original system consisted of a long aluminum tenon/filter holder into which fit a tube of untreated Rock Maple, which absorbed moisture from the smoke stream as it passed through the stem. Pipes from this period (1938 – 1955) were stamped with the Brigham logo and the “CAN PAT” patent number.

The Patent Era Brigham pipe on the worktable today arrived as a lone stummel, marked with the stamps listed above and a three-digit shape code, “229” indicating a “Brigham Select” grade, Shape 29 (Author) pipe. In later years the grade name would simply be referred to as a “2 Dot” pipe.

As you can see in this series of pics, the stummel was in overall quite good estate condition. The smooth finish was clean and even, although the briar…

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2 thoughts on “A New System Stem for a Patent Era Brigham 229 Author

  1. Paula Carlson

    Hi, I found an old Meerschaum among my husband’s pipes. The leather/cardboard case is stamped Manhattan and is probably from the early 1900s. I think the stem which has come loose is amber. What do people do with old pipes? Can it be repaired, polished, and renewed? I don’t want to send it off to Goodwill. It has some sentimental value but from what I see on the Internet it isn’t particularly valuable. I’d like your input. Paula


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