Sasieni Four Dot Ashford “Ruff Root” Restoration

By Al Jones

The Sasieni Ashford author is a favorite shape from the classic British makers. This one is in Ruff Root finish, which is Sasieni’s sandblast finish. Since the pipe has the town name, but no patent number, it is from the 1946 to 1979 era. Like the Peterson 999, the shape evolved slightly over the decades it was made by Sasieni. This one is a bit longer than some of my other Ashfords, and my hunch is that it was from the end of the family era. I have nothing to prove that statement – it is just a hunch.

The pipe was in decent shape on delivery, some light oxidation on the stem. The classic Four Dots were a lovely shade of robin’s egg blue, a plus. On many older Sasieni’s, the color fades. There was very slight cake and the stem had lost some of the sensuous curve. Below is the pipe as it was received.

I put a bristle cleaner in the stem, and heated it with a hobby heat gun. I used a piece of briar to put the factory bend back in the stem, then dipped it in cold water to set the shape.

With the stem mounted, I removed the slight oxidation with 800, 1500, and 2000 grit wet paper, followed by 8,000 and 12,000 micromesh sheets. The stem was then buffed with White Diamond rouge and Meguiars plastic polish.

I removed the cake in the bowl with my reamer set, and finished with a piece of 320 grit paper wrapped around a reamer bit. The bowl was soaked with sea salt and alcohol. I hand polished the briar with Halycon wax.

Below is the finished pipe.

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