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1863 Turku, Finland Tabaco Smokers’ Gylde Document

Blog by Steve Laug

This is a fascinating piece of pipe history. It is a document from 1863 on the formation of  what they call a Tobacco Smokers’ Guild in Turku, Finland. I really like the “Counsell” or rules of the guild. They read well and the heart behind them is clear. It seems like it really was a pipe club in purpose.


Dean Swift Catalogue of Snuffs

Blog by Steve Laug

This small flyer was also included in the bag of documents. I personally am not a snuff taker but once again the names and descriptions of the various snuffs are intriguing. I also have never heard of Dean Swift Ltd from San Francisco, CA. Give it a read!


Jorgen Jensen Tobacco of Denmark Sales Flyer

Blog by Steve Laug

I have never tried Jorgen Jensen’s 1-6 Danish Tobaccos but some of them at least sound interesting. These old descriptive pieces on the aroma and flavour of tobaccos I find to be an entertaining read. Have a look and see what you think. This is another piece of tobaciana from the bag of documents.


An 1976 Annotated Listing of Fribourg & Treyer Pipe Tobaccos

Blog by Steve Laug

This list of tobaccos was also in the bag of goodies I picked up from my friend. It is a pretty decent list of Fribourg & Treyer Pipe Tobaccos. It is annotated by the fellow who owned the documents. His notes are interesting. Fribourg & Treyer was one of all London’s great old pipe shops – established in 1720! I also have some correspondence between F&T and him regarding tobaccos he ordered that I may post if there is interest. Enjoy.

tobac1 tobac2


Edgeworth Tobacco Pipe Coupon Offer from another era

Blog by Steve Laug

I thought that this mail in pipe offer from Edgeworth Family Tobaccos was really interesting. The front page shows the new Edgeworth family of tobaccos and is in French and English. The back of the mailer has the form for ordering Custom-Made Edgeworth Pipes for a whopping $9.95 with two flaps from any Edgeworth tobaccos. The mail in address is Montreal, Quebec with a similar postal code to the previous Montreal address potentially making it a late 60’s or early 70’s mailer. The pipes come in three shapes and a guaranteed to have no fills. The inside of the mailer has an a mail in offer for Jesper Freehand Pipes by Jorgen L. The price on these is $19.95 plus two flaps from any Edgeworth tobaccos. I love this old tobacco memorabilia that I was given by my friend on Sunday. As I am reading through them I will post pieces that have interest. Enjoy.

jesper1 jesper2 jesper3

Document on Meerschaum given out with Meerschaum Pipe Purchases

Blog by Steve Laug

This document came to me in the lot I picked up on the weekend. I am pretty sure that it came with Arthur Leonard’s Catalogue as it was folded inside that document. It would have been given out to customers who purchased a meerschaum pipe from their shop. It gives a brief history of meerschaum and some simple instructions for obtaining “the utmost pleasure and value” from your meerschaum. I found it a quick and enjoyable read so I thought I would pass it on to you all.


A 1972 Flyer from Arthur Leonard’s Tobacco Shop in Portland, Oregon, USA

Blog by Steve Laug

Another of the brochures/flyers that was in the pile I picked up from my friend on the weekend was this tobacco flyer from Arthur Leonard’s Tobacco Shop in Portland, Oregon. At the time of this publication they had three shops. This flyer is the 1972 Catalogue of Pipe tobaccos. At one point there must have been additional pages but this is the one that came to me. I love the prices and the descriptions of the tobacco. I only wish the shop was still open in Portland. I have an old sea rock carved pipe that came from that shop. I remember many years ago visiting the one at the Lloyd Center shopping mall when they were still open. Have a good read of this document from another time.