Cleaning up the last of the Sofia, Bulgaria Finds – a Heibe Dublin 430

Blog by Steve Laug

This is the last of the pipes I picked up on my trip to Europe and the pipe hunt with Dal in the market in Sofia. It is a nice sandblast Dublin stamped with an arced Heibe next to the shape number 430. There is no other stamping on the pipe so dating it is a bit difficult. I looked up what information I could find on the brand and found on Pipedia a short description of the brand. I quote it here in full with the reference at the end. “Heibe pipes are made by the company of the same name, owned in turn by Erich Heikaus, KG, in Bergneustadt, Germany. The trademark for the Heibe name was first filed on March 9, 1966 and registered on January 14, 1967. The sole trademarked line name of Heibe is the Heibe Goldpoint, which was applied for in 1970 and granted on May 31, 1972. Pipes have been seen stamped both “Germany” and “West Germany”, showing that the Heibe Company continued to make pipes after 1990, but these pipes appear to no longer be in production.

The pipe was in decent shape though the bowl and shank were dull and dirty. The stem was made of quality vulcanite that was not badly oxidized. It had no tooth chatter and other than dirt on the stem it was clean. The rim had some tars and oils over flowing from the bowl but it was not heavy. The cake was thin and uneven. There was a lot of dust in the grooves of the blast that gave the finish a dull appearance. There were some worn spots on the shank near the stem and also on the outer edges and top of the rim that would need to be touched up with stain. But other than that the pipe was in decent shape.Heibe1 Heibe2I took some close-up photos of the stamping, the bowl and rim and the stem to show the state of the pipe when I started cleaning it. You can see the shape number and brand in the first photo as well as the wear on the finish at the stem. In the second photo you can see the tars and grime on the rim and the thin cake in the bowl. The last two photos show the stem top and bottom sides. You can see the quality vulcanite had not oxidized too much.Heibe3 Heibe4I scrubbed the rim with a brass bristle wire brush to clean out the grooves and remove the build-up. It did not take too much scrubbing to get it clean. I scrubbed the rim with Murphy’s Oil Soap to remove the dust and grime in the sandblasted finish. I rinsed it under running water to remove the soap.Heibe5I scraped out the cake in the bowl with the Savinelli Pipe Knife. I took it back to bare briar.Heibe6I touched up the worn areas of the finish on the shank and the rim with a dark brown stain pen and then hand buffed the bowl with a shoe brush. The photos below show what the bowl looked like at this point in the process.Heibe7 Heibe8I hand buffed the bowl and shank with a shoe brush to get a feel for the look of the restained portion of the pipe. The new stain blended in very well with the older stain.Heibe9I gave the bowl several coats of Conservator’s Wax and then buffed it once again with the shoe brush. The polished bowl is shown in the photos below.Heibe10 Heibe11I decided to work on the stem with the cream cleanser and the Meguiar’s Scratch X2.0 once again. Since there were no tooth marks in the stem it would be just a matter of polishing the vulcanite. I scrubbed it with cream cleanser and cotton pads until I had removed the majority of the grime. I scrubbed it with the Meguiar’s to finish polishing it.Heibe12 Heibe13The two polishing compounds removed the grime. I cleaned out the airway with pipe cleaners and alcohol and the stem was finished. I scrubbed the mortise and the airway into the bowl with pipe cleaners, cotton swabs and alcohol and cleaned it out as well.Heibe14I buffed the cleaned pipe with Blue Diamond on the buffing wheel to polish the stem and lightly polish the bowl. I gave the stem several coats of carnauba and the bowl a very light coat of carnauba and then buffed the pipe with a clean buffing pad to raise the shine. I finished buffing it by hand with a microfibre cloth to give it a deeper shine. The look of the finished pipe is shown in the photos below. It has a nice blast and clean sharp lines to it. If anyone is interested in this one let me know it will go on the store very soon. Thanks for looking.Heibe15 Heibe16 Heibe17 Heibe18 Heibe19 Heibe20 Heibe21


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