The Making of the Peterson Pipe (VHS, 1998)

Thanks Mark for this great piece of history! Much appreciated.

peterson pipe notes

VHS Clamshell 1998 Final

Nollaig Shona Duit!* Here’s a little something for your Christmas stocking. The Making of the Peterson Pipe, a point-of-sale video made a mere eighteen years ago, is from an era when the only people to see it would be those fortunate enough to find a tobacconist who sold enough Peterson pipes to justify playing the video from a small television sitting atop the counter. It’s fascinating for any number of reasons, but rather than tell you I’ll let you light up that new Christmas pipe and find them for yourrself. Enjoy!

The Making of the Peterson Pipe (May 1998)
Power Video Production, Dublin
25:00 minutes

Notes on the Video

01:58   Even as late as 1998, the company was still thinking of itself as Kapp & Peterson. There’s nothing wrong with the switch to “Peterson’s of Dublin,” and obviously it makes sense from a business perspective. But this is not…

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