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Restoring a Peterson System Standard 309

I just became aware of Wandering Pop’s Blog site. I remember the pipe he speaks of that I cleaned up and sold him. It was a beauty! The pipe he worked on in this post is also a beauty. He did some great work on it so I thought I would give you all a heads up on the blog and on the work that Wandering Pop is doing! As he says Prost!

Wandering Pop

I first need give some acknowledgement to Rebornpipes for inspiring me to adventure into the art of restoring estate pipes. I recently bought a beautiful Peterson System Premier 307 that was revitalize by Steve that spiked my interested in this hobby. With all that said, let’s jump into my first restoration.

I have been searching eBay and other outlets for the last month or so for a nice pipe that would make for a simple “get my feet wet” restoration. I knew that my skills in the craft were pretty limited at this point. However, I was also on a fairly tight budget. So I spent a lot of time looking and jumped on this beauty when it became available.

   As you can tell by the pictures above, the Pete was in fairly good shape. The bowl had some discoloration around the rim, the nickle collar was in a…

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