A Danish Pipe Magazine STOP – articles provided by Jacek A. Rochacki

In correspondence with Jacek he spoke to me about a magazine that he had in his possession called STOP. It is a Danish Pipe Magazine with what sounded like some exceedingly interesting articles. It is written in Danish and I would love to have some of our Danish readers translate some of the articles that are included in these scans that Jacek sent.

Here is part of the email Jacek sent me with the magazine portions attached. In it he spells out what he included in his scans of the magazine pages.

I acquired this free copy No 31, April 1970, 7th year of existence of the STOP in late summer 1970 in Copenhagen, if I remember correctly in famous Pipe House W. Ø. Larsen, where I was a frequent, and I think welcome visitor during my trips to Denmark. I scanned at the best of my present technical possibilities 9 pictures. First two show front cover and next/following two pages. Then on pages 21 and 22 there is text on Anne Julie. Then at page 24 begins text on once famous Lillehammer pipes – G. Larsen – founded by Gudbrand Larsen in town Lillehammer in Norway. In July 1970 I received as gift of friendship in Uppsala, Sweden, the G.L. Lillehammer Best Make, Topper shape that I have kept up to now. The Lillehammer and Norway story continues on the next pages. At the end, after page 46 I enclose picture/scan of the back cover. If you think that despite Danish language it may be of interest to friends on your blog, then please make choice of what I am sending or publish all these documents. I hope that this email letter with attachments is not “too heavy” and will not block your inbox.
STOP front cover

STOP page 3

STOP page 46

STOP pages 20, 21

STOP pages 22,23

STOP pages 24,25

STOP pages 26, 27

STOP pages 28,29

STOP back cover

Again, if any of our Danish friends would like to provide a translation of these articles for our non-Danish speaking readers that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jacek for providing this great magazine.


12 thoughts on “A Danish Pipe Magazine STOP – articles provided by Jacek A. Rochacki

  1. Kent Mosher

    I just acquired a very old Lillehammer in the original hard case with an amber stem and would love to read this in english! Very hard to find much info on G. Larsen form my searching.

        1. rebornpipes Post author

          Sorry about that… I have been looking for a Dane to translate it but no luck so far. There is a gent on Pipe Smokers Unlimited Forum that goes by the name dmcmtk. He has quite a few older Danish pipes particularly Larsen pipes. You might go on that site and send him a message.

          1. Kent Mosher

            Thanks! I will absolutely contact him. Hey I always enjoy your input on Country Squire Radio by the way. Your blog here has also been crucial in my start into refurbing estate pipes. You have produced a great wealth of knowledge and estate pipe wisdom here.


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