Daily Archives: November 11, 2012

Refurb – a Lovely Jobey Poker

This came across my desk as part of a lot I picked up somewhere along the way. It gets pretty bad when you cannot remember where you found a certain pipe. When I picked this up I figured it would be one that came and went. I have bought, sold and traded many Jobey pipes over the years and kept none of them. Nothing personal against Jobey’s I just always used them as a step towards something else I wanted more. This one was a bit unique. I had not had a Jobey like this or a poker before so this one was a new one for me. In terms of a Jobey it does not have the patented Jobey connector for the stem and shank. I was a normal push tenon. The tenon also was stepped down. The pipe is stamped English Para on the stem. The bowl itself is quite a nice piece of briar – no fills. It is stamped Jobey in script and Hand Rubbed under that. The other side of the shank gives the shape number 370.

Its condition was quite easy to work on and needed only to be reamed and cleaned. The finish was only dirty and had become cloudy from the many coats of wax that it carried. I wiped it down with a cotton bad dampened with 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove some of the grime. I do this carefully so as not to remove the underlying finish. In this case it worked beautifully and the finish remained. The grain was once again very clear and had a matte look. I took it to my buffer and used some White Diamond to buff it and then gave it several coats of carnauba wax.