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An Old Savinelli Catalogue Describing Various Lines of Pipes and Accessories

This old Savinelli Catalogue gives great descriptions of the various lines of Savinelli Pipes. It gives a brief history of the brand and the workmanship used in their pipe manufacturing. The lines are described from the highest grade to the cheapest grade. It also includes a write up on Sherwood New Concept pipes, Churchwardens and Canadians/Lumberman pipes. There is a page on the Lollo compact pipe and the Roley Pocket pipe. There is a page on inexpensive pipes and lightweight pipes. The brochure ends with a page of accessories and oddities – the Kalumet, The Pipe Boy Car Pipe Rest, Snorkel and Tobacco jars. The back page of the catalogue gives the Briar Story, How to Break in your new pipe and filling, lighting and smoking the pipe.

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A Savinelli Catalogue Smuggled from Argentina by a Pipe Patriot

Guest Blog by Robert M. Boughton
Member, North American Society of Pipe Collectors
Photos Provided by Gustavo Capozzi

“The original is unfaithful to the translation.” ― Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges, KBE(1889-1986), Argentine short story writer, essayist, poet, translator and Knight of the British Empire, regarding Henley’s translation of Beckford’s “Vathek” [1943]

I noticed fairly frequent comments from a certain Argentine member of the Smokers Forums on various threads of mine as well as others, but his note on my most recent post about the restoration of a Savinelli Panama Bent Bulldog #111 KS was – in particular because of the broken English that seemed to me even more apropos to his meaning – eloquent and moving. The member, whose real name I now know is Gustavo Capozzi, referred to a comment I made, that I never bought a Savinelli I didn’t like, when he wrote:

“Robert I agree with you. When I´m a young boy, looked through the window the Savinelli pipes, and as people with money buy.In my student days had only national pipes and an Albanian as ‘imported’.I have a catalog Savinelli of that time where I enjoyed. Even today I could not get some. Congratulations!”

Concluding from the message that he has never owned a Savinelli, I experienced a series of vivid mental images of the young Gustavo growing into manhood, saving the cherished Savinelli catalogue and never being able to afford one or, now, to find the fine Italian brand anywhere in his native country because of governmental commercial import regulations. To be open to the point of risking sounding mushy, I was very touched. And the final word of congratulations to my good fortune added a sense of downright guilt.

In a private message to him on the Forums, I suggested that our host, Steve, would likely be quite interested in the catalogue, which Sr. Capozzi agreed to photograph and email. In fact, he replied that he had already done so, with such speed that I was further struck by his deep love of Savinellis. However, in a case of miscommunication, I believed he had sent the photos to Steve. Eager to know that they were received, Sr. Capozzi wrote to me again, and I contacted Steve, who responded that he had no such email. When I relayed this news to him, he dashed back the frantic note, “emails were sent to you!!!!!!”

With a rising sickness in my stomach, I searched my email, not finding anything. Then I found all but the first batch in the WRONG Junk Mail folder (only with MS Office, I know) and hastened to alleviate Sr. Capozzi’s clear agitation. He shot back the first eight photos.

As a final note before posting the catalogue, I will just add that Sr. Capozzi and I turned out to be mutual fans of the great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, whose quote above seemed fitting to the means of my new friend’s photo translation of the catalogue for our enjoyment and learning…and how much there is to learn from this marvelous catalogue is astonishing: pipe lines, shape charts, dry system pipes, filter dry systems, accessories and even “suggestions.”Sav1 Sav2 Sav3 Sav4 Sav5 Sav6 Sav7 Sav8 Sav9 Sav10 Sav11 Sav12 Sav13 Sav14 Sav15 Sav16 Sav17 Sav18 Sav19 Sav20 Sav21 Sav22 Sav23 Sav24 Sav25 Sav26 Sav27 Sav28 Sav29 Sav30 Sav31 Sav32 Sav33 Sav34 Sav35 Sav36 Sav37 Sav38 Sav39 Sav40 Sav41 Sav42 Sav43 Sav44 There happens to be one particular Savinelli in my possession that I have good reason to suspect would make an excellent first for him, if I can find a way to clear Argentina’s red tape. And, of course, provided Sr. Capozzi will give me his address.