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An Old Savinelli Catalogue Describing Various Lines of Pipes and Accessories

This old Savinelli Catalogue gives great descriptions of the various lines of Savinelli Pipes. It gives a brief history of the brand and the workmanship used in their pipe manufacturing. The lines are described from the highest grade to the cheapest grade. It also includes a write up on Sherwood New Concept pipes, Churchwardens and Canadians/Lumberman pipes. There is a page on the Lollo compact pipe and the Roley Pocket pipe. There is a page on inexpensive pipes and lightweight pipes. The brochure ends with a page of accessories and oddities – the Kalumet, The Pipe Boy Car Pipe Rest, Snorkel and Tobacco jars. The back page of the catalogue gives the Briar Story, How to Break in your new pipe and filling, lighting and smoking the pipe.

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