Giving Fresh Life to a Classy Bruyere Garantie Horn Stem Billiard

Dal has developed a distinctive style of finishing his pipes. The process serves to highlight grain on the pipe. This is another example of that! Give the blog a read. Thanks

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable is a what has the feel of a French made pipe, but is simply marked, ‘Bruyere Garantie’. I found this pipe in the summer of 2017 at one of my favorite places and it brings back fun memories. This second hand, antique shop is on the main walking street in the Black Sea coastal city of Burgas, Bulgaria. My wife and I were on our summer R&R enjoying the beautiful day strolling and we came upon the store that I had visited before. As hoped, a fresh batch of pipes were waiting for me in a copper pot amid the eclectic jumbled offerings of the shop. The shop owner, Kaloyan, was anxious to talk. It was a good visit and in classic Bulgarian style, Kaloyan warmed up quickly as if we had been childhood friends. In the end of the talk and negotiations, I…

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