Stem Work on an Oversized Blatter Bros Make Selected Rustic Author

I am a sucker for the author shaped pipe and also Blatter and Blatter pipes. This is the perfect combination. Great work Charles.

This is another of the pipes sent to me from Iqaluit for refurbishment. I don’t how the owner sources such consistently interesting Blatter estate pipes, but source them he does!

This particular Blatter is a BIG rustic Author pipe, a real fistful of briar with a large chamber and thick walls. The shank looks positively stubby in comparison to the width of the bowl, but actually retains the classic Author 1:1 shank length to bowl height dimensions. The stem is a short bent saddle, into which Blatter has carved convenient dimples to assist removal and reinsertion of the stem.

The pipe arrived in good estate condition. It would need a good general cleaning to prepare it for its new piper, but apart from a layer of lava on the inward-sloping bowl rim, the briar looked to be in great shape.

The stem was a slightly different matter. While it was…

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