Reviving a Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock 9BC Chubby Bent Billiard

I had to share this with the readers of rebornpipes. This Peterson shape is one of my it is one of my favourites. Mark Irwin is a good friend and he is a gift to the pipe smoking community. Thanks for posting this Charles.


This is an interesting Peterson pipe sent to me for refurbishment by a DadsPipe reader.

The pipe is a Shamrock 9BC Chubby Bent Billiard that certainly exemplifies Peterson’s tendency towards stout shapes. According to Mark Irwin’s excellent article on Peterson Pipe Notes, the 9 shape has been in the Peterson catalog since 1896 and has taken several other names over the years, including the 304 Standard System, the 09 Deluxe System and the XL90s. The 9BC is also related to another Chubby shape, the John Bull 999, one of Peterson’s most popular shapes.

This 9BC arrived in pretty good estate condition, with a few marked issues. The inner and outer edges of the rim were dinged and scraped, the stem was oxidized and grimy, with a few tooth dents, and there were several putty fills that had shrunken and would need attention. The shank band was also heavily discoloured…

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