The Official Unofficial Brigham Shape Chart v1.0

I thought this helpful research project on the Brigham shapes needed more exposure so I am posting it here on rebornpipes. If any of you can help Charles with information on the shapes that are missing send him a message.

Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on the Beta version of the Shape Chart release a few weeks ago. Based on that feedback, here is the first Alpha version of the Chart!

This updated and reformatted version of the Brigham Pipes Shape Chart has been revised for online readability and features a few new pipe shapes, thanks to submissions from readers like you!

Many thanks to fellow pipers Andrew Colman, Ian Campbell, Ryan Thibodeau, Blake Kaiser and Paul Jones for their contributions to the project, and a big thanks to the fine folks at Brigham Enterprises, especially Daniel More and Heather Balsillie, for sending me lots of historical catalogs to assist in the research.

Also new to v1.0 are images! Click on the shape number in the first column to view an image of that pipe shape, if available.

A Note Regarding Pipe Names: Early Brigham pipes were advertised by name…

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