Daily Archives: October 3, 2017

1933 Parker Super Bruyere Lovat

By Al Jones

This beautiful little lovat was a gift from my friend, Dave Jacobson which he found at the recent Kansas City Pipe show. I’ve restored a few Parkers over the years, but I wasn’t immediately familiar with the nomenclature and dating process. This one has a Patent number, which I knew could be used to date the pipe and that it was most likely pretty old. Reviewing the Pipedia article on the brand, I determined that because of the “10” near COM stamp that the pipe was made in 1933. The pipe was in such solid shape on all accounts, I still have a hard time believing it is 84 years old! A member of the PipesMagazine forum and frequent contributor to the British Pipes section there confirmed the date.

Below is the pipe as I received it from Dave. It had some plier type marks on the stem, some small teeth indentions under the button and a heavy cake buildup. The shank was completely blocked, requiring the drill piece from a Senor reamer to clear the draft passage. But it certainly looked to be a simple restoration.

I used my Pipenet reamer to remove the thick layer of cake, finishing with a piece of 320 grade paper wrapped around a smaller sized bit. The bowl is in fantastic condition and despite the pipes diminutive size, it had very thick walls. I soaked the bowl with sea salt and alchol.

Following the soak, the stem was mounted. I was able to remove most of the tool-type marks with some 800 grit wet paper, without altering the profile of the stem. The tooth indentions lifted slightly, but they were so shallow, I left well enough alone. Oxidation was removed with 800, 1,500 and 2,000 grit wet paper, followed by 8,000 and 12,000 micromesh sheets. A worn piece of 2,000 grit wet paper removed most of the rim top darkening without breaking the stain. The stem was then buffed with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic Polish.

This is the first Lovat shape in my collection. I’ve worked on a number of British lovats over the past few years, but to this point, all of them have been too large for my tastes, so they were resold or traded. This little gem is only 21 grams, so it is a keeper. Thanks for thinking of me Dave Jacobson!