Rescuing a Cracked & Beaten 1960 Dunhill Shell Briar 142 Dublin

Charles has done another old dog rescue. His ingenious pinning of a cracked shank, reshaping and reworking a damaged rim and putting a dot on the stem is a great tutorial. Everything is well done but there can be no mistake that the stem is a replacement.

When it comes to the regular care and feeding of one’s pipes, it seems that pipe smokers can be divided into one of two camps – those who treat their pipes well and those that do not. In the first camp you will find people who clean their briar, meer or cob before it blocks up with tar, those who trim the carbon in their bowls to a respectable thickness when it gets unruly, and those who take care to avoid inflicting damage to their favourite piping companions. In the second camp are those who do none of these things and who, to my mind, seem to almost go out of their way to treat their pipes with disdain.

As a pipe restorer I see the handiwork of the latter group regularly, and often wonder what was going through the piper’s mind. This 1960 Dunhill Shell Briar 142 Dublin is…

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