Freshening an Andreas Bauer Gourd Calabash

Charles picked up the Andreas Bauer Calabash with a Meerschaum bowl and did a great restore on it. The way he was able to take it apart and detail the clean up by part is a helpful resource to all of us who find ourselves with a Gourd Calabash to clean up.


Sharp-eyed readers will have picked out this Gourd Calabash pipe in the picture of my recent estate lot purchase. Hollywood has ensured that the Calabash will be forever linked to the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and indeed many Holmes fans buy a Calabash pipe just to display next to their Arthur Conan Doyle book collection.

The Gourd Calabash, sustained as it is by Sherlock fans around the world, is also sought after by pipe smokers because of its reputation for a cool, dry smoking experience. The large air space inside the gourd allows the smoke to cool on its journey from bowl to bit while simultaneously providing a space for moisture to condense out of the smoke stream.

This particular Calabash came to me gently used, with a few tooth marks in the stem. The bowl showed a bit of buildup and darkening at the rim of the tobacco…

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