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Restoring a Very Special Six-Day Set of Stanwell Pipes of the Year

I wanted to share this post from Charles with rebornpipes readers for the information it gives on the POY. It is helpful. Thanks Charles. Also if you would like to purchase the set contact Charles at Dadspipes.com

Many pipe producers release an annual Pipe of the Year – a limited-run pipe in a distinct shape and finish representing the very best a pipemaker can produce each year. Coming from a highly regarded and skilled producer like Stanwell, these Pipes of the Year are top-notch pipes and highly collectible, so I was very excited to find no less than six Stanwell Pipes of the Year in the estate lot I’ve dubbed The Danish Collection.

Laying them all out, I found pipes from 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. These years are significant, as Stanwell only started producing Pipes of the Year in 1979, and 1984 was the first year these pipes were available in North America in any significant quantity.

Another nice thing about Stanwell’s Pipes of the Year is that they have been designed by some of the top Danish pipe carvers, including Sixten Ivarsson, Tom…

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