The James Fox 135th Anniversary Edition

Mark has written about some interesting releases from Peterson including this 135 Year Anniversary pipe for James Fox Tobacconist.

peterson pipe notes

999 RhodesianThis year the world’s oldest family-run tobacconist, James Fox, at 119 Grafton Street in Dublin, celebrate their 135th anniversary. In addition to the release of a limited edition cigar humidor and commemorative whiskey, they decided to release a special pipe: a Peterson, of course.

So back in January, David McGrane, the Managing Director for the past 45 years, and Yiorgos Manesis, also of James Fox, met with Conor Palmer (Commercial Director at Peterson), Tony Whelan, Jr. (Factory Manager) and Jonathan Fields (head of Bowl Turning at Peterson) to create the prototype for the James Fox 135th Anniversary Pipe.

Fields McGrane PalmerJonathan Fields, David McGrane, and Conor Palmer

The Origin

“Our main goal,” says Yiorgos Manesis, “was to create a unique pipe that would mark our long-term relationship with Peterson as well as underscore our Irish heritage. After talking our ideas through with Conor Palmer and having a few samples made, we settled…

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