OMG, What a GOC! Freshening a GOC President Freehand

This one was such a unique looking pipe and Charles work on it and research into the brand make it worth passing on to the readers at rebornpipes. Well done Charles.

This beautiful GOC President freehand pipe is one of a handful of non-Danish pipes I received in my recent estate lot purchase, hailing instead from St. Claude, France. It was an eye-catcher right out of the box with its gracefully flowing shape and horn shank extension. I wondered at first whether this might be a French attempt at a Bo Nordh Ramses shape , but Gros-Grenier-Ostorero & Cie, GOC’s parent company, closed its doors in 1981 while Nordh debuted the Ramses shape in 2002/03. Though the long, stretched out GOC is similar in style to the Ramses, an internal examination showed that this pipe is more closely related to a Peterson System pipe with a deep well extending down the shank beyond the bottom of the bowl.

The pipe arrived in quite good used condition. It had the look of a favourite pipe that had been handled gently and in…

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