Making a tamper

Blog by Bill Hein

Besides restoring pipes I also like to make pens. As such I end up with a lot of little cut offs and scraps. I throw them all in a box with the intention of gluing a bunch of scrap pieces together to make my own unique pen blanks. I looked in the pile today and decided to make a tamper. I grabbed a piece of acrylic, Purpleheart, and Pau Rosa. I decided to put the acrylic in the center so I roughed up the ends of all the pieces and glued them together with CA glue. I then used a vise to hold the pieces together until the glue dried.tamp1Once dry I took the blank to my drill press and drilled a 7mm hole through the center. I decided I was going to run a bolt through the blank to have a metal end. I measured the length of the bolt and trimmed my blank to length. I then mounted it on my pen mandrel with some spacers.tamp2I turned the blank down with no real plan as to what it would look like. When it got to where I liked it I removed the blank and glued in the bolt. I then put it back into the vise and let the glue dry.Tamp3 tamp4When the glue dried I took the tamper over to my sander to round off the bolt and shape it a bit more. I then sanded the tamper by hand, starting with 150 grit and moving up to 600. I then took it to my buffer and buffed it with brown Tripoli. I then waxed the tamper by hand with Dactur no buff wax. Below is the finished tamper. Tamp5


2 thoughts on “Making a tamper

    1. Bill Hein

      I have a Shopsmith mk5. If you’re unfamillar its a modular woodworking tool. My setup has a tablesaw,drill press/horizontal bore, 12 inch disc sander, band saw, and lathe. I mostly use it for the lathe, bandsaw, and drill press.


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