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A Diamond in the Rough – Restoring a Comoy’s Skipper 623

This is an interesting post that connects the English made Kaywoodies and Comoy’s pipes. Really good work. Nicely done.

After working on the sandblasted English Kaywoodie La Roche 729 Dublin written about here, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a Comoy’s 623 shape to confirm or disprove my theory that the two pipes share more than a passing amount of DNA. When this Comoy’s Skipper came up on eBay, I placed my bid and held on like an angry badger to make sure it ended up on my worktable.

I snapped this first series of pics soon after the pipe arrived in the mail. Its as-found condition was not the most encouraging – the bowl was clogged with cake, and a crust of lava covered both the rim and the entire front face of the bowl. It was impossible to discern the condition of any of the briar hiding underneath the muck. The rear of the bowl and most of the shank, however, looked good, with only…

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