Re-Stemming Grandpa’s Sabra Israel Apple

This pipe is a Sabra brand from Israel. It is a brand I have worked on before but like Charles could I could find no information on. Charles did a great job on this one. It looks really good. The new stem is a great fit. Well done.

This pipe was sent to me by a fellow member of the Canadian Cigar Forum. It had been his grandfather’s, and the owner wanted to be able to use it. The problem, I was told, was that the tenon had been broken at some point in the past. The remaining stem had been cut down to create a new tenon, but the resulting new stem face was narrower than the shank and did not fit flush. I offered to see if I had a stem that would suit, and before to long the pipe arrived in the mail.

At first glance, the pipe was in decent shape. Though the stem was ill-fitting, it was clean and free from oxidation. The stummel was a rather shiny red colour, which I initially put down to a factory shellac finish. The bowl showed recent signs of light use, with just a small bit…

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