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Early production Yello-Bole Imperial #3151

Some helpful thoughts on dating older Yello-Bole pipes. Like Troy I love the old timers in this brand. Well done.

Baccy Pipes

Well first off i accidentally  deleted my before and refurbish pics off my camera before i could save them. So its just the after shots.I have actually had this pipe a while and just got around to working on it. In fact i cant recall where i got this pipe now , so I’m gonna guess Ebay.

This is a early production Imperial four digit (3151) Yello -Bole . Since i have no pictures of me working on the pipe ill break down how i date this pipe.

3151  ( In case you dont know Yello Bole uses same shape charts as Kaywoodie )

31- KB&B Yello-Bole Imperial, push tenon, black vulcanite stem (1932-1940’s) or if it was a Kaywoodie  –  Drinkless Kaywoodie Relief w/black vulcanite push-in stem (late 1920’s)

51-  Medium billiard, short stem                                …

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No name basket pipe#2

Troy gave some real life to this one with his understain of Black Sharpie Ink… great job.

Baccy Pipes

My earlier no name basket pipe post was pretty popular ( one of my most viewed ) . I though i would share another  unmarked pipe i picked up and re-did back in May 2014. I originally posted the refurbish on Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum. I still own and smoke the pipe today.

I got the pipe from a co-worker who was selling her fathers old pipes. She brought a box of pipes for me to look at one day at work. I did not see anything that really grabbed my eye but one  unmarked Lumberman. Most were full bents and such that i just don’t care for . I agreed  to purchase it and a nice twelve pipe inline rack that you can hang on the wall. I think i agreed to give her twenty dollars for the rack and pipe. I sent some pictures of the other pipes to a friend of…

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