Mint in Box Briarcraft Sterling Hall Standard

Been awhile since I reblogged one of Troy’s pieces but this one was one I had to do! The information and the beauty of this old pipe makes it an interesting addition to pipe information.

Baccy Pipes

I picked up this Braircraft Sterling Hall off EBAY .

For some odd reason it  was listed under religious medals category  instead of pipes ,so it flew under the radar of the pipe bidders. I was lucky enough to see it and win it on opening low bid. I had been looking for  nice Braircraft pipe as its one of the few early-mid  20th century pipe brands i did not have.

From my  quick research on the pipe i can not find any ads for the Sterling Hall model prior to early 40’s , so i think its a 1940’s pipe . Briarcraft made pipes for only 20 years . They lasted from 1920-1950. Some pipe smokers consider them one of the best smoking American made pipes of their time. Especially the Briarcraft  Smokemaster models.

Here is a 1946 Sterling Hall ad.


I have a online  friend who owns several hundred…

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